Smart Subway is the most advanced way ever to get information about live alerts and planned work, as well as maps and service information that changes throughout the day. It also uses augmented reality technology to get you to the right subway platform, so you can get to your train without getting lost.

--Advanced accessibility reading alerts for the visually impaired with Voiceover (experimental feature to give sign directions based on reading the signs) --Maps that show only the subway service for the current time, switching automatically. --Alerts into "now," "today," "tonight," weekend," etc as well as by borough. --Subway AR is for iOS, but technology is Android-ready --Uses subway bullet and color-coded branding.


8 months ago

How can I try this app out? Is it build on top of another app or a designated app?

7 months ago

We're happy to announce that Smart Subway 1.0, as demoed in the video and screenshots, is now available on the App Store. This is 1.0 software with several never-before-implemented features, so please see the release notes for known issues at The link to the app on the iTunes App Store can be found on that page.

In particular, the sign recognition accuracy can be improved, and the "See More Maps and Service" does not work at all This is fixed in the 1.0.1 update, which we have ready for the App Store and also fixes several other early bugs. It will be posted as soon as iTunes Connect comes back from its scheduled maintenance on Wednesday afternoon of a four-day work week. 1.0.1 should appear about this time next week, so if you download 1.0 please update the app then.

Nevertheless, we wanted to give everyone a chance to see and try this first-release version of the app for the contest, and look forward to improving it based on your feedback. Any suggestions, questions or comments can be sent to or Follow @smartsubway on Twitter for fast updates or like our page on Facebook

More info about Smart Subway AR and our plans on our (under construction) website at

Thanks everyone for all your interest!

7 months ago

Please note: The 1.0.1 app version of Smart Subway AR now on the App Store is not the "submission version" of the app. 1.0.1 contains bug fixes, a faster loading time, and other improvements. The 1.0 submission version of the working app is no longer available on the App Store. The Smart Subway AR public submission in the contest is only the screenshots, video and description on this page.

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