Ride the rails. See the trains. This is the NYC Subway Map like you've never seen it before! BlipRail makes it easy to tell when the next scheduled train is arriving by animating all of the trains on the map. BlipRail can be used underground (without an Internet connection) to get you on your way and keep you moving.

We all know that trains don't always run on their published schedules, so BlipRail lets you report when a train is running behind or ahead of schedule (and by how much). By selecting a train, you can see what other people reported so you have a better idea of what to expect.


8 months ago

Will this be coming to iPhone?

8 months ago

@JohnnCon127 If there's enough interest, I'd be open to it. Android is easier to develop for and so far I've been very happy about the amount of interest BlipRail has generated on Android alone! Does anyone else want iPhone support?

8 months ago

Since earlier this week, for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Grand Central Shuttle line, the BlipRail servers are now being populated every minute with live train position data from the MTA! (Note this only applies for scheduled trains and not trains that were added or removed from the normal schedule yet).

8 months ago

Hi everyone - the competition rules prevent me from updating the app on Google Play until voting is over, but I wanted to let you know what I've been working on. Here are some things coming up in BlipRail 1.1 post Sep 10th!

- Shows the location and ETA of where the train is reported to be instead of where it is scheduled to be
- Highlights trains with reported data vs. schedule data
- Substantially improved memory usage and performance on most devices
- Start focused on the middle of Manhattan instead of far upper-left of the map
- Improved "blips" showing the direction of the train
- Various bug fixes, especially for older Android devices

Even more features are coming. Is there a feature you'd like to see? Post it here!

7 months ago

The contest organizers have made it clear that no app updates are permitted until after September 24th, so the above updates and more will be posted next week. Thanks, everyone, for your patience!

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