Challenge: Best Overall - Third Prize

Transit App makes everyday commuting in NYC simple. Right on launch, it instantly tells you about transit routes around you, with the next departure displayed in big and bold. See where a route is heading on the map, or even where the bus or train is right now. All using the native colors and graphic symbols New Yorkers are already familiar with.

If you're going somewhere new, use our trip planner to know the quickest ways how to reach your destination.


8 months ago

What a beautifully designed app! I'm going through all of the apps and reading about them. I like the ability to track the trains, and yours seems to have the cleanest presentation of the live locations. I also appreciate that your app includes multiple modes as well. Two thumbs up!

8 months ago

What the description might leave out, which makes this app wonderful, is the fact that it integrates real-time information when available, and will even show you the locations of the trains on lines where real time is supported! No more "just missing" the train for you - at least not on the IRT.

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